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Boomer Babes Don't Get Fat! Read the Decadent Diet for Sexy Women...

If you're looking for a more natural way to treat the weight gain of menopause, slim down, prevent those nasty menopause symptoms and increase your sex've come to the right place! There is no better way to lose the weight, regain the passion in your life, naturally treat your menopause symptoms and take control of your health than with The Menopause Diet!

Menopause and Hormones

Lose Weight Successfully

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This workbook takes you through a complete hormonal workup so YOU can find the answers to your hormone problems. Every woman can learn the secrets to feeling great! Read Sample Chapter

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The Menopause Diet


Why you need this book even BEFORE menopause 
The newly revised The Menopause Diet plan will help you regain the vitality and shape of your youth without the need for pills or surgery. Learn how to naturally manage the symtpoms of menopause while preventing the damage from uncontrolled blood sugar that can lead to heart disease, strokes and cancer.

Written by retired surgeon and medical researcher, Larrian Gillespie, The Menopause Diet is the first book to deal with the #1 complaint of women entering menopause - weight gain -, providing scientific proof that women must eat differently from men if they want to stop the weight gain of menopause and keep it off. This book will explain why women may be digging their grave with their own teeth when they eat a high carbohydrate, low protein diet and how stress and lack of sleep can make you fat.

Featured On. . .

WebMD (and again on WebMD) MSNBC, NBCi-Healthgate, CNN, The Chicago Tribune


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The Menopause Diet Mini Meal Cookbook
The decadent diet cookbook for Boomer Babes


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