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Fish Tales for Your Diet
Fish is an important part of a low carb diet, so don't miss out on the nutritional impact of just one serving a week
Common Weight Loss Traps
You're excited about your new diet and you're following the guidelines to the letter. So what could go wrong? Read my article and learn how to avoid the common weightloss traps that will stall ANY diet plan
Follow Your Waistline
Checking your waistline rather than the numbers on a scale may be a better predictor of your health
GOOD Carbs Linked to Lower Body Weight
Researchers analyzed dietary habits of 572 people over five years and found those who ate carbohydrates with lower glycemic index values weighed less
Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load: How to Adapt Any Low Carb Diet to the Best GI Carbs
Confused about the difference between the glycemic index and glycemic load of carbohydrates?
High Protein Diets and Fertility
It's the usual scare tactics again, as a research team concludes that a moderately high protein diet can impair a woman's ability of becoming pregnant. But is this total hype?
High Protein Low Carbohydrate Diet During Pregnancy Makes Healthier Future Adults
Read how scientists are proving a low carbohydrate diet can help babies grow into healthy adults
Is a Low Carb Diet Right for Me?
Deciding on whether or not a low carb diet is right for you is easy. I'm going to share with you the factors that convinced me to switch from the ADA high carbohdyrate, low protein dogma to the Low Carb Diet plan
Does Nibbling Control Weight Gain on a Weight Loss Diet?
Experts tell us nibbling is better than guzzling our food on a low carb or weight loss diet, but does this really hold up under scientific study?
Low Carb Diet Enemies List
Beware of these low carb diet opponents that can sabotage the best campaign to eating well
Low Carb Diet Improves My Health Studies
If you ever doubted that a low carb diet plan, supplemented with a few important vitamins, could make your labs look like a 20 year old, then let me share with you my personal results. It will make a believer out of you!
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