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The Goddess Diet in National Examiner
Laurie Campbell
Don’t despair, over-40 gals. The foolproof diet that keeps superstar Cher slim and sexy at the age of 56 can work for You too.

The Goddess Diet is tailor-made for middle-aged women who find their waists wider, their hips heavier, their appetites on the rise and their energy on the wane. And what did they do to deserve it? Nothing more than get older, says the doctor who created the diet. The problem is that as women approach menopause, their hormones spin out of balance, Dr. Larrian Gillespie, author of The Goddess Diet (Healthy Life Publications) tells the EXAMINER. Estrogen levels drop, wreaking havoc on a woman’s digestion and metabolism.

"As we age, our bodies begin to develop a sensitivity to carbohydrates as our estrogen levels start to fall, around the age of 40," explains Gillespie, a Beverly Hills urologist and urogynecologist. "Cher calls me'the hormone diva,'; she says. "A few years agos she was about to go on tour and she wanted advice on what to eat to keep her weight down and her energy up. This program was the answer."

The singer-actress agreed. "The Goddess Diet is simply the most natural way to eat and stay healthy and slim,” raves the star. Gillespie's own weight problem during "perimenopause," generally the last 10 years of menstruation; was the driving force behind the Goddess Diet.

"I gained over 25 pounds eating what had been medically defined as a ‘sensible’ diet,'" she says. "I decided to follow my own instincts and radically alter the amount of protein and carbohydrates I was eating." The weight melted off.

"Men and women store food differently," she explains. "Men use carbohdyrates as energy, but women store them as fat."
Not all carbohydrates are alike, Gillespie warns. Beware of “high-glycemic carbs” like potatoes, rice, pasta and bread. Eat them sparingly and then eliminate them from your next meal. "
Concentrate on “low-glycemic carbs,” including fruits, vegetables and whole grains.



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