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10 Low Carb Lunches for Your Diet
It's Easy to Eat Lunch and Lose Weight

Worried about what you can eat for lunch when you only have 30 minutes? Here's my 10 Easy Low Carb Lunch suggestions that will help you gain energy while losing weight.

    1. Chicken, tuna or turkey salad on a bed of lettuce with fresh veggies is a winner any time. You can even use this on low carb bread for a sandwich.
    2. Quesadillas filled with meat leftovers, vegetables and cheese heat up well. Just be sure to chose a low carb tortilla, and save on carbs by folding one in half rather than use two tortillas.
    3.Sandwiches Fill low carb bread/tortillas with avocados, chicken, onion sprouts or chives and coat with a mayo/mustard dressing. Yummy!
    4.Leftovers I often use leftovers for breakfast or lunch the next day. It's easy to make extra at night. If you are cooking impaired, just pick up a roasted chicken at the store and take all the meat off while it's still warm. Bag it and then use the meat in soups,sandwiches or just to snack on.
    5. Shakes or snack bars Look upon these products as "emergency" food if you got lost in the Himalayas and needed to survive. However, for those on the run, it's better to eat/drink a meal substitute than miss a meal altogether.
    6.Salads such as Chef, Caesar or Cobb can supply you with lots of protein. Just use a low carb dressing and you'll be fine.
    7.Omelets This is a good brunch option if you have not had eggs at any other time throughout the day. Just add extra cheese and some meat and you have a great low carb meal.
    8.Burger meat of any kind...chicken, beef, buffalo or turkey with NO BUN can turn a fast food nightmare into a great low carb lunch. Several chains offer "low carb" burgers served with a salad.
    9.Miso soup and sushi without the rice is another excellent selection. However, if you suffer from hypothyroidism, skip the soup, as it contains soy products which may block your thyroid and lower your metabolism.
    10.Dinner for lunch can mean leftovers or having your main meal at noon, such as a great steak or fish main course. Order a side of veggies and skip lunchtime boredom.

Just remember: Carb count is important throughout the day even when choosing low carb options, and don't be shy about bringing your own bread if you crave a sandwich. It can prevent you from ruining an entire day!

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