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Goddess Diet Slimmy Award Winner

Brenda Kearns, First for Women

First for Women spent the entire year searching, researching, tasting and testing so you don't have to waste precious time or money looking the fastest, easiest, cheapest and most effective get-fit solutions. The Miracle Carb diet, based on The Goddess Diet Book, made their Top 25 List and received their First Annual Slimmy Award.

Add these metabolic marvels to your diet to double your energy, end cravings and melt away 20 pounds by Xmas!


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Did you clean up your diet - trading full-fat faves for "healthy" fare (Snack Well's, anyone?) -only to end up sluggish, famished and heavier than before? Join the club. Millions of us have fallen into the same fat-free trap, missing steak, butter and ice cream so much that we binge on the low-fat carbs we're allowed to have to compensate. Then we watch powerlessly as the needle on the scale keeps creeping up and up! What's wrong with this picture?

Turns out, just like there is good and bad fat, there are good and bad carbs, according to new research out of Harvard and Duke Universities. Scientists have developed a carb-ranking system, called the glycemic index, which rates carbs on how quickly our bodies absorb their starches and sugars. High glycemic carbs ("bad" carbs, like white bread, doughnuts and bagels) have scores above 70 and are absorbed by the body in a blink. Trouble is, these fast-fuel foods send your blood-sugar levels on a roller coaster ride - spiking up only to crash down lower than before, leaving you hungrier than ever, explains Eleftheria Maratos -Flier, M.D., head of obesity research at Harvard's Joslin Diabetes Center. And so you eat more to fend off cravings. In fact, a study in the journal Pediatrics confirms that rapid absorption of glucose after a high-glycemic meal triggers hormonal and metabolic changes that promote bingeing. The result: You never feel satisfied and you keep gaining weight.

Luckily, the whole vicious cycle can be reversed - today! As soon as you reach for low glycemic carbs (or "miracle" carbs, like beans and veggies), you immediately start to even out your blood-sugar levels and short-circuit crazy cravings. "Avoid spikes in blood sugar, so that you get your body to burn fat rather than store it, quiet hunger pangs and dramatically increase your energy levels," says nutrition researcher Larrian Gillespie, M.D., author of The Goddess Diet. So powerful is the miracle-carb effect that by making the switch, you can double your energy in 48 hours (just like 80 percent of subjects in a recent study), diminish cravings by 81 percent and melt fat fast.

The best thing about a diet loaded with miracle carbs (ones that score low on the glycemic index): "You're preventing blood-sugar surges and maintaining healthy insulin production. This stability encourages your body to clear cells of stored fat, quickly and permanently, and utilize this fat for energy," says Larrian Gillespie, M.D. "That means you can eat more and still lose weight." (See sample menu plans with low-glycemic foods, or read The Goddess Diet.)

Key Success Strategies:

Master your next party buffet with these 5 tricks -

The foundations of this plan will serve you will during the season of social gatherings - and endless buffets. You'll be able to eat (so Aunt Bernice won't be compelled to force-feed you) and still reap the rewards - newfound energy and a whittled waistline! And even if you don't follow the plan fully, you'll benefit simply by using this cheat sheet whenever the buffet line beckons.



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