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Top 7 Diet Scams That Lighten Only Your Wallet

Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise

1.Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise!
I searched EVERYWHERE to find proof that men and women could lose weight reliably without exercise...and I failed. It takes EFFORT to lose body fat, so find an exercise style that suits you and STICK WITH IT.

I found Pilates was my best choice, as I don't like to sweat, and flexibility is a key factor in maintaining your health by guarding against injury. Yoga is another great choice and has been done for centuries.

For indoors work, a treadmill while watching television can make the time pass quickly. I actually hop on during the Ellen Degeneres Show, as her music is precisely 3.6mph, the speed necessary to lose weight.

Weights are another good way to build muscle, which helps to burn more calories. And in case you think you have to sweat to make exercise work for your low carb diet, think again. Fidgeting can result in 350 calories burned a day or 10 to 30 pounds in a year. Just on extra hour a day of fidgeting ( say at 0.7mph on a treadmill while reading the newspaper or a book) can help drop those pounds.

  1. Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise
  2. Lose Weight No Matter How Much You Eat of Your Favorite Fast Foods
  3. Lose Weight Permanently! Never Diet Again
  4. Block the Absorption of Fat, Carbs or Calories
  5. Lose 30 pounds in 30 days
  6. Everybody will lose weight
  7. Lose Weight with our MIRACLE DIET PATCH OR CREAM

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