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About Larrian Gillespie

Larrian Gillespie received her medical degree from the University of California at Los Angeles School of Medicine and became the first woman to graduate from their prestigious Urology program, an accomplishment that earned her the featured cover story in Parade Magazine. (See our Virtual Press Kit for more information.)

Over the next fifteen years, as a private practitioner, she brought about public awareness of an overlooked medical condition, interstitial cystitis, which resulted in three pharmaceutical patents from her pioneering research.

Her book, You Don’t Have to Live With Cystitis, has been a Top Ten Best Seller on women's health according to the New York Review of Books Reader's Catalog.

A frequent lecturer at international medical meetings, Larrian taught her colleagues how to diagnose and treat this "incurable" condition, through her more than 30 scientific articles and chapters in medical textbooks.

With an ability to translate "doctor speak" into terms anyone can understand, Larrian has been featured in over 50 magazine stories and numerous television shows, including Good Morning America, CBS Woman to Woman News, and CNN. She has served on the medical advisory board of SHAPE Magazine, Prevention Books, Readers Digest Books and been a frequent source for numerous other publications.

After retiring as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Urology and Urogynecology in 1995, Larrian has focused on the issues of women's and men's health as they relate to diet. She has designed nutritional programs for numerous performers, from "Lord of the Dance," Michael Flatley to the Goddess of song, Cher.

Her interest in cooking and nutrition, nourished by courses at London's Cordon Bleu and La Varenne in Paris, has resulted in her current books, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Total Nutrition Cooking, The Goddess Diet, The Gladiator Diet, The Menopause Diet, The Menopause Diet Mini Meal Cookbook, The Menopause Diet Daily Journal, You're Not Crazy It's Your Hormones!" and The New My Body My Diet, which are destined to join her other book in becoming "Best Sellers."

Urologist Dr.Larrian Gillespie and her Chief, Dr.Joseph J. Kaufman: Women Doctors Are Entering All Specialities
February 20, 1977


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Professor Kurt Semms toasting Larrian's graduation as the first urologist trained in laparoscopy at the prestigious Women's Hospital, Kiel, Germany

Larrian operating with Professor Patrick Walsh, Johns Hopkins University Chairman of Urology, as her assistant.

Larrian with Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Pamela Sue Martin.



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