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Updated 10/07/99

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The Menopause Diet
Daily Journal

by Larrian Gillespie


The Menopause DietDaily Journal


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List Price $9.95   Trade Paper
ISBN: 0967131723
Healthy Life Publications, Inc.
November 1999

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The Menopause Diet Daily Journal sample page
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The Menopause Diet Daily Journal is the companion to The MenopauseDiet, the ground-breaking book that teaches women how to live a lifestyle that improves their chances of surviving to 100 without the disability brought on by heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

From the Introduction…

Congratulations on making a commitment to a healthy way of life by purchasing The Menopause Diet Daily Journal, the companion to The Menopause Diet. This journal is designed to assist you in reaching your goal to become the healthiest ever through a combination of exercise and lifestyle changes.Writing about your journey can improve your immune system, lower your blood pressure and optimize the benefits you will see from following The Menopause Diet Plan. In short, you can write yourself into well-being!

To help you organize your journal, I have selected the points I use to keep my mind and heart open to the changes in each day:

  • A clock to color in the 10 minute segments of exercise each day
  • Number of mini meals eaten that day
  • Number of glasses of "Liquid oxygen" or water consumed that day
  • Number of fruits eaten
  • What made me laugh
  • How I felt today
  • What I'm going to do tomorrow and how I can improve
  • By renewing yourself each day, you are taking control of your life, and that's a good thing!

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