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Woman's Day Magazine 2007 on cystitis, on IMS. Read full story here, and also on:, and

Woman's World: 5 day Menu Plan

First for Women on how stress sabotages weight loss, and also on Miracle Carbs.

Women's Health Access article on midlife digestive changes featuring Larrian, and again; Of All the Gall: Tips to Prevent Painful Stones.

HealthScoutNews Reporter - "You're Not Crazy, It's Your Hormones," interview hosted by Sue Spataro, RN, BSN, from

Larrian talks with Sue Spataro, RN, BSN., Founder of "HotFlash" focusing on menopause questions and "Pink Sunrise" focusing on ovarian cancer prevention.

Read the article

Ever wonder why women crave chocolate more than men? There is a logical (and medical) reason why, and an easy solution. That's one of the many topics covered during this chat session on Power Surge Live! 

National Examiner
Read the article


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  • She Knows Diet and Fitness
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  • Woman's Day
  • "The Lord of the Dance," Chattanooga Free Press
    Lifestyle Feature article

"What an incredible difference! I went from being constantly hungry and tired to having a normal appetite. My energy level has increased and there is even a hint of my real face appearing again. I know that this must sound like one of  those awful diet infomercials but it's true. Even my husband noticed and is very happy for me. I feel like  I've been reborn!" --Evelyn Thomassy

"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful newsletter. Both my physician and her nurse practitioner have become avid readers and agree with your advice. It is great!"  --Melinda Rogers



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Larrian Gillespie received her medical degree from the University of California at Los Angeles School of Medicine and became the first woman to graduate from their prestigious Urology program, an accomplishment that earned her the featured cover story in Parade Magazine. (Read more)

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"The Goddess Diet Plan is simply the most natural way to eat and stay healthy and slim. It is also uniquely designed to fit a woman's hormonal and metabolic needs." -- Cher, Academy Award Winning Actress and Grammy Winner

"Dr. Larrian Gillespie made talking about male hormones, the male libido and serious men's health issues very comfortable. Even the part where we talked about "penis push-ups." I'm glad Dr. Gillespie has a real gift for addressing the "edgy" issues. She tells men like it is, and she made me aware that male hormones are very important in men's health and are very overlooked in our medical system and in the media. So I was glad we had a chance to present this topic." - KCOL Newsradio.

Cybill Shepherd



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