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Testosterone Levels Fail to Predict Female Sex Drive
Aspirin, Vitamin E and Calcium Fail in Supplements
Lipid Lowering in Type 2 Diabetes Doesn't Help Microvascular Lining
Nightmares, Cholesterol and B6
Lipid Profile and Erectile Dysfunction
What's New on The Hormone Diva Speaks!
Caffeine Reduces Noctural Hypoglycemia
Lumpectomy for Men Preserves Sexual Function

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Testosterone Levels Fail to Predict Female Sex Drive

Efforts to pitch Testosterone Replacement Therapy as the Sexual Fountain of Youth got a sharp stick in the groin with the publication of these two studies. The first one measured testosterone and DHEA-S levels in women 45-75 and compared them with a sexual function profile. There was no correlation between low sex drive and low levels of either hormone. In the second study, testosterone replacement therapy with a patch had no effect on raising growth hormone levels or improving IGF-1 production in postmenopausal women. So if your doctor, courtesy of the pharmaceutical rep, wants to hand you a prescription for testosterone to rev up your sex drive - pass. Testosterone will only raise your bad cholesterol, grow hair on your face, raise your insulin levels and pack on the pounds, and that's not sexy!
JAMA. 2005;294:91-96.
Clin Endocrinol (Oxf). 2005 Jul;63(1):32-8.

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Aspirin, Vitamin E and Calcium Fail in Supplements

So while we're on the subject of things that don't work as advertised, consuming low dose aspirin to prevent cancer in women got a shot in the head because researchers found no reduction in cancer mortality. Vitamin E also got the shaft for not helping to prevent heart disease or cancer in women.Then dairy foods found themselves in the cross-hairs when a calcium fortified beverage did NOT increase weight loss in women. Finally, consuming calcium and Vitamin D failed to prevent fractures in elderly women. Do we see a trend here? What may benefit men doesn't seem to make any difference in women. Now that's what I call gender differences in health.

JAMA. 2005;294:47-55
JAMA. 2005;294:56-65
Nutr J. 2005 Jun 21;4(1):21
BMJ. 2005 Apr 30;330(7498):1003.
Want to discuss this topic further? Express yourself on my Menopause/Goddess Diets forum. And if you want to know more about how to diet and keep your hormones intact, read The Menopause Diet or purchase the health report here

Lipid Lowering In Type 2 Diabetes Doesn't Help Microvascular Lining

Lowering your cholesterol with a statin keeps getting heavy commercial promotion on television and in the magazines, but this interesting study shows that lowering your lipid profile doesn't lower C reactive protein, an important indicator of inflammation in the body nor does it improve the responsiveness of the lining of important small coronary vessels. Remember, 50% of coronaries occur in the face of normal cholesterol levels.

Diabetic Medicine Volume 0 Issue 0 - August 2005 .
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Nightmares, Cholesterol and B6

I thought this article was really interesting. If you have nightmares, check your cholesterol profile. It seems low cholesterol, low triglycerides and low LDL levels could be the cause, especially if you're depressed. Low cholesterol levels inhibit serotonin production during the REM phase of your sleep, resulting in vivid, frightening dreams. But if you have panic attacks, your cholesterol was found to be high.

The second study confirmed what those of you taking Pyridoxal 5 phosphate have long observed: it makes you dream in technicolor and remember your dreams, especially if you take 20mg before bedtime. P5P is a necessary co-factor for the conversion of tryptophan into serotonin. So if you are taking a statin and suffer from nightmares, consider adding P5P for a better night's sleep.

Can J Psychiatry 2005;50:361364.
Percept Mot Skills 2002;94:13540.
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Lipid Profile and Erectile Dysfunction

And while we're on the subject of lipids, a high LDL and cholesterol level can put a crimp in a man's erectile function according to this study. All the more reason to follow The Gladiator Diet.
Int J Impot Res. 2005 Jun 16.

If you want to know more about how to diet and keep your hormones intact, read The Menopause Diet or purchase the health report here.

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What's on The Hormone Diva Speaks!
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Caffeine Reduces Nocturnal Hypoglycemia

In the category of usefull information, this study found that consuming caffeine during the day helped to prevent episodes of hypoglycemia both during the day and night.

Diabetes Care. 2005 Jun;28(6):1316-20.

Lumpectomy For Men Preserves Sexual Function

Lumpectomy for prostate cancer, using a technique called cryoablation only of the tumor results in preserved sexual function, according to a presentation made at the Society of Interventional Radiology's 30th Annual Scientific Meeting. Recent data shows a 10 year disease-free survival rate of 98%.

Technol Cancer Res Treat. 2004 Aug;3(4):365-70.


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