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"You're Not Crazy, It's Your Hormones! The Hormone Diva's Workbook" by Larrian Gillespie, copyright 2003

"First of all, thank you so much for your new book. Got it yesterday and have read it cover to cover.Now I know why I, and many others, think we are low in estrogen while other glands can be/are really the "bad guys." "You're Not Crazy" is going to be my bible for a while. Doctors, watch out! Here come some educated female patients." Lynette


Table of Contents | back cover

Introduction: Be Your Own Health Manager

  1. Hormone Cycles
  2. Thyroid Problems
  3. Adrenal Problems
  4. Ovarian Problems
  5. Menopause
  6. How To Negotiate With Your Doctor
  7. Charting your Medical Course
  8. The Hormone Diva Listens
  9. The Hormone Diva's Survival Kit

Appendix A: Bibliography


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Book Description --
The Goddess Diet contains powerful information based upon the latest scientific research into the unique differences in female metabolism. According to Cher, Academy Award Winning Actress "The Goddess Diet is simply the most natural way to eat and stay healthy and slim. It is also uniquely designed to fit a woman's hormonal and metabolic needs."

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Trade Paper ISBN: 0967131731
February 2000


The Menopause Diet Daily Journal, the companion to The Menopause Diet.

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The New My Body My Diet Cookbook
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Easy recipes for the relief and management of cystitis, migraines and pelvic pain.


Sample Chapter
(NOTE: Images and charts on this page are for sample purposes only and may not reflect the actual image size.)

If you've ever been frustrated, insulted, patronized or made to feel "hormone" is a dirty word, pull up a chair, because it's time we became good friends. Let me just start by confirming " you're not crazy " when you can't remember why you walked into a room, or when your hair and skin took on the appearance of someone whose been dragged through a hedge backwards. Hormones exert a powerful effect on every part of our bodies. As a result, when they get out of balance, we exhibit some not-so-subtle responses: sleep disturbance, dryness, sore gums, joint pain or a swollen stomach.

Unfortunately, in today's HMO time-managed atmosphere, physicians give non life-threatening complaints low priority. If you're female and complain about hormone problems, you're likely to stare into glazed eyeballs followed by "just diet and exercise more" as your doctor scurries out the door. While this advice is certainly important, it doesn't necessarily result in giving you back the glow of a healthy, functioning woman. But you're not doomed to accept the limitations of today's medical system. With a hefty dollop of knowledge, a pinch of guidance and a twist of determination, every woman can learn the secrets to balancing her hormones.

This book is designed to perform as your personal hormone manager, however, it is NOT a complete bible of every hormone problem known to women. The goal is to explain the most common hormonal problems and how to determine which screening studies should be performed to "rule out" a particular diagnosis. I'll begin by explaining the important hormone systems in your body, then show you how to investigate each one to see if it's functioning normally. I'll provide you with a flow chart to document your test results and to record your symptoms as they relate to your menstrual cycle, even in menopause. Need help deciding if certain medications or lab tests are right for your condition? Not to worry. I'll provide you with those answers and the latest scientific articles to support my opinions. It always helps to know you're not alone in this struggle to achieve better health, so pour yourself a cup of tea and get a shot of sympathy by reading "The Hormone Diva Speaks", a question and answer section culled from my online discussion groups. And if you feel like you're still all alone on that healthcare island, I'll give you resources for obtaining diagnostic studies and medications.

Now, more than ever, women need to participate in their healthcare choices if they want to experience a fuller, healthier life. Technology has given the consumer the ability to tap into the same resources available to physicians, expanding their ability to monitor their own health. No longer can women “trust” their doctor has read the vast amount of medical research on hormone therapy and is offering them the best options.

Women instinctively know what is going on with their bodies and deserve advisors who will help serve as interpreters rather than dictators of their health management. “One treatment plan” does not suit all women, who have learned to be cautious about pharmaceutical marketing to both physicians and the public. It’s time to take control.


Every woman is a hormone diva, a goddess, endowed with the ability to create life through the power of hormones. Unfortunately, when those little suckers fly out of control, we can morph into head-spinning demons. So, in order to figure out which ones would benefit from a little gentle coaxing back in line, you need to understand the hormone game.

Hormones must play well with others. They must be able to share, not hog, receptors on cell membranes, and sometimes they need a little "time out" in order to keep their excitement level in control during your menstrual cycle. A tiny gland behind your eyes, the hypothalamus, acts as the umpire directing all the action. She rides on the back of the pituitary, your pitcher.

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"I started on Estrace a few weeks ago, and just received Cortef, Florinef and Eltroxin last monday. I cannot tell you how much better i feel in every way (except for still waking up during the night). I've been very sick for the past 26 years, and many of my symptoms started when I was 8 years old. I am now 57. . . After starting on these new meds this week, for the first time I am feeling somewhat normal. I have studied every medical book I could find for the past 20 years and I have always known I needed what I am now doing, but more than 30 doctors have not listened to any of my symptoms or felt any of my test results were bad enough to warrant treatment. . . The only thing that all doctors have agreed on is to put me on antidepressants, even though I kept feeling worse and getting sicker and sicker.

I feel I'm doing all the right things now. I guess I just wanted to let everyone know that sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands even if it is not the conventional way of doing things. I got to the point where I was fed up and decided I had to have a better life. It feels like I've received a miracle. I had no idea I could get what I needed without my doctors. You are so wonderful to give us this help. My mom died before my children were born. Thank goodness I will be able to enjoy my little granddaughters all because of YOU!" - Sandy

Health Reports
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Are Hormones Making You Fat?
If you are undecided about whether or not to take hormone replacement therapy, you'll want to read this informative report which I have put together. With over 90 medical references, this easy-to read review of the benefits/risks of taking HRT will help you "baste not marinate" in hormones. I also explain the results of studies on natural approaches and reveal the "secret" ingredient in chicken soup that can stop hot flashes.
This is the same chapter available in "The Menopause Diet". For immediate downloading.


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